Erin Storie

Erin is a Professional Triathlete for TEAM USA, training at the Olympic Training Center

🤙 🌺 🌴 🐬 Bye Bali! Time for some reflection and direction! @superleaguetriathlon was next level awesomeness. I didn’t qualify for the championship series, but there are other qualifiers later in the year. I need some more fitness! 😅 Can anyone lend me some?! The Super Legaue Team is on another level with a whole new vision for the future. I’m glad to be part of the journey!! ✈️ Headed back across the Indian Ocean to Phoenix, Arizona to spend some time with my DAD!! 👨‍👧😍🥰😘 See you soon USA 🇺🇸

We had some terrible weather in Colorado today. 97mph recorded wind gusts, major highway closures, white out conditions, power outages, icey roads. I hope everyone found warmth tonight! 🥶❄️💨💨💨 #MarchInColorado

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💥New book release: Grit & Grind 💥 Just in time for International Women’s Day! @rhondamvetere is truly breaking down barriers for women. She is a bad ass woman taking the male dominated CTO work force by storm. She excels in an active athletic and social life, while giving back to the community! Rhonda is such a beautiful soul. I CANNOT wait to read this book to help with any challenges that I may face in a triathlon or just every day life. You may have to get your hands dirty to achieve success! It’s a must read! It’s out now! ❤️ 💪 #Grit&Grind

30 🥳 Happy birthday Logan! 30 years in the making. Does this mean you are over the hill?! I love you so much!! I hope you have the best year yet! 🥰😘🥳🍰🍫🎂🧁🍦🍪🍩 @ido5sports

💕 Happy Birthday, Ma!💕 It’s your birthday and though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy birthday in heaven! I put up our photos every year, and every year it surprises me. What a beautiful human being. #RIPmom #HappyBirthday 🎂

That’s a WRAP for the @superleaguetriathlon 2018-2019 series. I can’t believe I came in as a qualifier athlete and ended up top 15 in the series. These are the most incredible men and women athletes in the world. Congratulations KatieZ and VincentL for winning the series! This has lit a flame in me to continue to race and hopefully be back for the next Super League Championship starting in September!! I want to thank Super League and everyone who works for Super League. These races were not easy to put on and it takes a lot of people to run something this fantastic All over the world. It’s amazing. Also thanks sponsors @playtri Bring on 2019!